Welcome to "Multivert"

The Multivert Initial Testing Phase is Over - Any and all mined coins will be transferred to their registered addresses over the next week or two. Thank you for participating in this initial test.

What is it?

Below are listed various Crypto Currencies, along with their algorithm (Scrypt/Scrypt-N), and Mining information. You don't need to register, so you can just mine straight away. You have two options

1. Putting in a Vertcoin address as your username (ie -u VsGjpKkRCn7YXvUT5ZHoqpDZtdp2mbSmKH) means that you wish to have your mined coins exchanged (manually currently) for Vertcoin and to receive vertcoin - This will happen every few days or so depending on volume.

2. Putting in a NO: followed by the actual coin's address (ie for Doge -u NO:DJJLSDJWKDGmbsSCGiKH4Gemwu17jGtGFZ) means that you wish to received your mined coins. This will happen every few days depending on volume.

Please note that this is under test and development so stratums may re-start without warning.